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Message us on Telegram @DeadDonkPokerSupport to be approved. You will be able to play immediately!

UPoker, ClubGG Poker, and X-Poker Apps are online social gaming platforms and do not provide any real money service.

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Dead Donk™ is an all-new online social gaming brand, merch, and clubs established by poker players for poker players.

Poker just became HEE-HAW fun at Dead Donk!  Players from around the world love the game selections on our partner platforms and enjoy secure, entertaining, and action-packed experience 24/7.


Brand loyalty is earned. We know that.  At Dead Poker, we work hard for you to ensure a Kick-Ass time. Look for the Dead Donk poker club across multiple platforms.


Dead Poker is a member of the most trusted and experienced unions on UPoker, ClubGG Poker, and X-Poker. These Unions are comprised of numerous clubs from around the world. What does that mean for you, the player? This structure creates larger player pools that allow for more games, more action, and bigger prizes in the daily tournaments. There is even a running bad beat jackpot that anyone can win!


We are open to get chips from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM PST. The best in the business for customer service. Contact us on Telegram @deaddonkpokersupport

Represent the Double-D

Dead Donk Merch

You lookin’ to knock that Donk out?  Gear up and represent with the Dead Donk™ poker brand.  Hats, shirts, hoodies, OH MY!

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  • Kick-Ass Poker Community

    We are here for you. We love our players!

  • Lovin' those Donks

    Play against donks, fish, whales, and anyone who loves poker, 24/7.

  • Multiple Platforms

    Dead Donk Poker allows you to play on your favorite Club App.

Dead Donk Poker
Dead Donk Poker
  • Exclusive Member Merch

    Represent the Double-D! Check out what’s available now.

  • Lovin' those Double-Ds

    Bad Beat chip jackpots are crazy!

  • Dead Donk MTTs

    Freeroll Tournaments each week!  Check out the games.

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Join the #1 growing online poker brand and community on UPoker, ClubGG Poker, and X-Poker Apps!
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Daily freerolls and buy-ins as low as 1


One of the most popular variants of the game of poker.


4,5,6 Card


Also known as Six-plus hold ’em.


Chinese poker is a card game based on poker hand rankings.

Contact Us


Telegram: @deaddonkpokersupport

Dead Donk Poker



How do I join a Dead Donk Poker Club?

  1. Open the app marketplace on your iOS or Goggle store and download the free UPoker, ClubGG Poker, and X-Poker app, depending on the club and platform you want to join. What the heck? Join both if you want.
  2. Sign up for a free account. Choose a screen name. It’s easy. Any donk, dead or alive can do it. We swear.
  3. Open either the UPoker, ClubGG Poker, and X-Poker app and click the ‘Join Club’ icon. If you’re already in a club, you can still join Dead Donk Poker Club: UPoker:  #10421, ClubGG Poker: #128335  X-Poker: #163051
  4. Peruse the lobby, check out the games, and message us @deaddonkpokersupport on the telegram messenger app. One of our head whales will be glad to assist you, approve your application, and get you some chips.

Do you give a bonus the first time I get loaded with chips?

Yes. We do. Contact us on Telegram Messaging App for customer support @deadpokerclubsupport for more information. Tell us what club you have joined and we can assist you right away.

Do you give bonus chips for referring a player?

Yes, in fact, we do. You may contact us on Telegram Messaging App @deaddonkpokersupport for more information.

Is there a phone number I can call or text?

No, you can only contact us through Telegram messenger @deadonkpokersupport with any questions.

Is there another address for customer service and support I can contact?

NONE. There is only one support address and no others. Our official Telegram messenger support service is ONLY @deaddonkpokersupport. Be sure you have the correct address or email when contacting us!

Can I be an Agent for one of the Dead Poker Clubs?

Sure. Do you have a lot of friends who love poker? Maybe even a few fish from your home game. Once again, ask our friendly customer service reps at our customer support on Telegram.

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